Tenant Education Guide

Confused about the commercial real estate process? Our tenant education center covers all things commercial real estate – without the jargon.  Learn more about leasing space, finding a broker, becoming an expert negotiator and more.

Most of our guides are written for medium to small tenants. By our definition, this includes any company that has 25 employees or less. This typically means an office space size requirement of less than 5,000 square feet.

Commercial Real Estate BasicS

Commercial Real Estate Glossary

How does the commercial real estate industry work?
I’m thinking about moving my business. Where do I start?

I’m leasing a space for my business. Where do I start?

When would I want to find space on my own?

Usable, rentable and common area square footage
How to determine how much office space you need
What is the difference between a large and a small space?
Is my business better suited for coworking or traditional space?
Are all properties listed by a broker?
Why aren’t listing agents calling me back?
Who does a commercial real estate broker work for?
Office building classes and what you need to know

Commercial Real Estate Brokers 101

The difference between a listing agent and a tenant rep broker
How much does it cost to use a tenant rep broker?
How much does a tenant rep broker get paid?
Can I save money if I don’t use a tenant rep?

Do I need a tenant rep broker to help me find space?

How do I hire a tenant rep broker?
What is the best way to select a tenant rep broker?
Is finding space without a tenant rep broker a good idea?
What should I expect from a tenant rep broker?
My broker doesn’t have much experience. Should I be worried?
How do commercial real estate commissions work?
What is a representation letter and should I sign one?
Exclusive broker agreements: Why do they matter?

Touring & Negotiating Commercial Space

Negotiating the right lease for your company
How do I get tenant improvement dollars included in my lease?
Negotiating the best deal for tenant improvement allowances
Considerations when negotiating an office lease renewal
A complete guide to touring office space

Leasing Commercial Space

Navigating the commercial real estate lease process
How long of a lease should I sign?
Choosing the right term for your company
The hidden costs of leasing an office space
Biggest mistakes that startups make when leasing office space
Commercial real estate letters of intent
Should I use at attorney to review my lease?
Everything you need to know about subleasing office space
The final steps of the leasing process
How to gain more flexibility in long-term leases

Beyond Leasing

How to sublet your office space
A complete checklist for moving into a new office
Breaking down the true cost of opening a restaurant